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    Update Time:2017-07-06

    It is in line with the government's "saving resources, protecting the environment and building economical society". According to statistics of China's electricity development, in 2004, China's distribution transformer output was 240 million KVA. If 30% use of amorphous alloy core, it can save 1.14 billion KWh, and reduce the harmful gas flow of coal-fired power generation by 11000 tons. Saving 433 million tons of coal. The product is suitable for the single-phase transformer of 5KVA ~ 100KVA, 30KVA ~ 2500KVA three-phase three-column type transformer, which is 70% more energy saving than the traditional transformer.

    Amorphous alloy is a kind of new energy-saving materials, USES the rapid quenching solidification process, the physical state of the metal atoms are arranged disordered amorphous, it is totally different from the silicon crystal structure favors the magnetized process is very easy, SO as to greatly reduce the no-load loss of transformer, if used in oil-immersed transformer can also be emissions harmful gases such as CO, SO, NOx, known as the 21st century "green material".

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