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35KV power transformer
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    Products Name:35KV power transformer

    Update Time:2017-07-06

    Product overview

    The product is more advanced in design, and has been greatly improved and improved in materials, structure and process. The high and low pressure clamp adopts the steel belt or the upper beam and the measuring beam to tighten, forming a strong frame structure, strengthening the tightness of the core and the ability to withstand the transportation shock. Strong anti-short circuit capability, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, low loss, low noise, advanced level of similar products abroad. This company produces the SZ9-20000/35 one-time through the national transformer transformer prototype testing center for sudden short circuit test, high and low voltage coil set longitudinal youdao is helpful for heat dissipation, can greatly reduce the copper oil temperature difference and the hot spot temperature rise within the coil.

    Executive standard

    GB1094.1 ~ 2 power transformer general provisions, power transformer temperature rise

    GB1094.3 insulation level and insulation test of power transformer

    GB1094.5 power transformer ability to withstand short circuit

    GB/T6451 "technical parameters and requirements for three-phase oil immersion transformer"

    GB/T15164 load guide for oil-immersed power transformer

    IEC76 power transformer

    GB2536 transformer oil

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