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    Products Name:SGB10 series dry transformer

    Update Time:2017-07-06

    Features of the SGB10 series of dry transformers:

    The SGB10 series is an insulated system based on dupont NOMEX paper, which maintains excellent electrical and mechanical properties during the whole life of the transformer. NOMEX not easy ageing, shrinkage resistance and compression resistance, combined with elastic more powerful and so can make sure that the transformer even using several years later, the coil remained tight structure, and the ability to bear the brunt of the short circuit.

    High standards of safety, no flammability resin, no poisonous gas, no combustion, the volume and weight of the unit KVA, emergency load capacity increasing, repair, maintenance convenience, low noise, is not sensitive to humidity, dust, pollution, run no partial discharge and may never "crack", flexible design, can design according to customer requirements made any specifications you need.

    Ii. SGB10 series of dry transformer applications:

    The SGB10 series products have the advantages of high thermal shock ability, large load capacity, high fire resistance, high fire resistance, humidity, and dust sensitivity, etc., which has created a wide range of adaptability.

    It is best used for fire prevention requirements, heavy load fluctuation and filthy and humid environment. Such as: airport, subway, power plant, metallurgy, hospital, high-rise, shopping center, residential area, petrochemical, nuclear power, nuclear submarine and other important places. It is ideal for distribution equipment.

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