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    Products Name:Single phase rectifier transformer, three-phase rectifier transformer

    Update Time:2017-07-06

    Transformer is the transformer core is made of high qualified low-loss cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the high speed punch punching and shearing, has smaller burr and uniform rules, laminated and tidy and beautiful, small loss, coil is made of high quality insulation wire, made by special machine around the circle, such as rectangular shape, with a tight, neat rows, good flatness, beautiful appearance. Metal clip parts embalmed, transformer as a whole by preliminary drying - vacuum varnished - thermal drying curing process, make the transformer winding and iron core is firm as a whole, greatly reduce the runtime of noise, improve the insulation performance of transformer.

    Maintenance of transformer

    1. Prevent transformer overload operation: if the long-term overload runs, it will cause the coil to heat up, make the insulation gradually ageing, short-circuit in the box, short circuit or dissociation of the ground and oil;

    2. Prevent transformer core insulation aging damage: iron core insulation aging or clamp bolt casing damage, will cause the core to produce a large eddy, the iron core long-term heat causes insulation aging;

    3. Prevent the damage of the insulation: when repairing the core of the transformer, pay attention to the protection of the coil or insulated sleeve, if any damage is found, timely treatment.

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