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    Products Name:SC (B) type 9 dry type transformer

    Update Time:2017-07-06

    Product overview:

    The performance index of the company's dry-type transformer conforms to the various standards, which is proved by users and runs reliably and reaches the state advanced level. This series of products adopt foreign advanced manufacturing technology, design drawings and technical documents are complete, correct, clear, and advanced production equipment, manufacturing process is stable and perfect measurement method, for the production of high-quality products provide a solid guarantee.


    1. The main performance parameters of SC (B) 10 are shown in the table.The main performance parameters of SC (B) 9 are shown in the table。

    2. Phase: 3 phase。

    3. Frequency: 50Hz。

    4. Insulation resistance grade: F。

    5. The average temperature rise of windings is less than or equal to 100K。

    6. Local power: less than 5Pc。

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