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Transformer noise solution
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A product of a transformer is currently used more widely, in the process of modern applications may offer some noise, affect the resident's life, for example, in the airport, business centers, communities, schools and other places, the influence of these places are relatively is relatively large, sometimes it could affect people's normal life, general countries also formulate relevant provisions to restrict the noise decibel, are beneficial to people's normal life.

General transformer noise of the three parts have a core, winding and cooler, transformer in operation when the operation of components or the influence of electromagnetic force, the friction between each other will come different decibels of noise, which affect the surrounding environment, some influence to people's life.

For transformer noise problem, need to take positive and effective measures to reduce noise problems, for example, can reduce the vibration of the core, through the vibration damping, sound insulation, sound absorption, the cooling system can be controlled at the same time, the noise can be close to the minimum.

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