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The advantages and characteristics of the box type transformer
Release time:2017-07-06      Clicks:377

Box-type transformer application places more extensive, it is often used in coal mine distribution or rural one of power transmission equipment, as mine lighting or the power of the electric drive, some applications is word of mouth is very good product.

Box-type transformer have the latest improvement, a product is the use of performance is very good, at present its design is more beautiful, compared with the previous size and volume is relatively small, the relatively convenient to install and occupied an area of small a device that saves area, save a lot of space.

And this product is to use full sealed box full of insulation structure design, ending the dog is relatively compact, use rise very safe, is the construction of the preferred products in mines, it do not need transformer room in the process of using, it is the shape of the material is very good, can be directly installed outdoors, can face different kinds of weather, and at the same time indoors also won't affect to use, so it is a very good product.

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