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The attention of transformer coil ejection time
Release time:2017-07-06      Clicks:413

1. When the transformer coil is removed, it is forbidden to use fan to blow the pouring body to prevent the sudden cold from affecting the fission.

2. The disassembly mould can not use dirty gloves to help remove mold. Because the coil temperature is higher than 100 ℃, the winding is not completely cured successfully, dirt stained easily after contact with the coil, coil appearance, were found in the side of the transformer coil with elongated parts not curing phenomenon, do not touch, do not remove.

3. The panel fastening screw is hard to dismantle because of the infiltration of the casting material and cannot be removed hard to prevent the screw fracture.

4. Be sure to clean all the material inside the copper mouth and avoid affecting the transformer test, misdiagnosis as winding number deviation, dc resistance imbalance or broken head.

5. When removing the transformer outside die, it is not to drag and drag, but also check whether the surface of the coil is defective. The site defects immediately check the corresponding parts of the external module and deal with them to avoid the next time.

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