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The position of transformer in power system
Release time:2017-07-06      Clicks:371

Transformer is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the ac voltage of the device and run on the iron core of transformer and other accessories in the electric field around the winding, if not grounded, core and other accessories must be induced voltage.

In addition to the applied voltage, the discharge occurs when the induction voltage exceeds the discharge voltage of the ground. To avoid the internal discharge of the transformer, grounding the core. If prolonged overload runs, it will cause coils to heat up, make insulation gradually ageing, short circuit in the box, short circuit or dissociation of ground and oil.

Transformer core insulation aging or clamping bolt casing damage, can make produce very big vortex core, iron core prolonged fever cause insulation aging, the lift core transformer overhaul, should pay attention to protect the coil or insulation casing, if found to have chafed lesions, handle in time.

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