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The installation of dry-type transformer should pay attention to the problem
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For use and installation of dry type transformer is very important, if not installed fine natural will affect everyone's electricity, and even affect the entire household electricity, the whole area, so the above installation, be sure to please the professional electrician, avoid by all means who understands't laid hands on him.

Before installing must undertake environmental security set up a small, namely through the switch to an area within the circuit first temporarily shut down, for the safety of the operator to open out a cold environment, can effectively installation, it is very important, uninterruptable power cannot be installed.

In the process of installation at the same time, it is important to note that good a note for actual application situation of transformer and flexibility, such as dry type transformer used alone with use of groups, their distribution line is different, everyone at the time of installation should be according to the actual situation to stay.

Moreover after installed, will not be able to immediately electricity, but should use a backup power supply for a test, with capacitance pen input and output voltage of the transformer test, achieve the result of the standard, to determine normal installation, normal and function, can effectively over the entire installation.

In the process of use, please pay attention to protect.

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