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How to do the maintenance of dry type transformer
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Dry type transformer in the process of running attention and maintenance is very important, to ensure that equipment normal operation, reduce the risk of accidents, so how do the running transformer maintenance? The following is a detailed introduction to jiangsu tianhua transformer co. ltd.

How to do the maintenance of dry type transformer?

The first is to prevent the transformer from being overloaded and running. If the operation of the dry type transformer is overloaded, the coil will appear hot and the insulation will be aged, which can easily cause the short circuit situation.

Second, at the same time for equipment maintenance, regularly check the aging phenomenon of transformer core, general equipment accident after using for a long time will have core ageing problems, or bolts, etc., the casing damage is therefore should prevent core insulation aging.

Third, avoid having the quality problem of the insulating oil, such as the heavy impurities and moisture, etc., so that can ensure the use of transformer insulation oil, avoid impurities caused by edm, the high temperature condition, if found metamorphic oil to timely replacement.

Fourth, ensure the inner contact of the coil two packets, avoid the connection point, tube and other initial bad conditions, avoid the insulation condition caused by local heat.

Fifth, avoid high temperature surrounding the dry type transformer, completes the timely detection of the temperature, if the temperature is too high will directly affect the transformer using the performance and life of the transformer severely damaged, can adopt effective ventilation facilities, reduce the temperature of the surrounding transformer.

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