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How can dry transformers improve performance
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Dry type transformer is the commonly used electricity transmission equipment in our country, its running safety and the duration of use has a lot to do with the process of the product, along with our country electric power transportation system on the degree of wear out of large equipment, high-performance transformer applied in engineering construction, guarantee the products use reduce the loss of equipment, in what ways will affect the performance of transformer, we know through the following points.

How can dry transformers improve performance

First, the dry type transformer winding insulation material selection, for this type of transformer, due to their direct contact with the air outside, to be resettled environment is relatively dry, control the temperature of the reasonable scope, can avoid power accidents, because the winding can be a very good avoid the happening of the damage condition of the temperature change to avoid the equipment running away from a situation as a whole.

Second, the selection of the transformer casing, due to the possibility of the transformer in the external environment, so the protective shell of material selection should pay attention to directly, and avoid drilling small animals, shorting equipment problems, run away from the safety accidents.

Third, pay attention to the choice of new materials, pay attention to the making craft of core and winding, pay attention to the introduction of new materials and technology, the realization of dry type transformer in terms of product application to achieve maximum performance show.

For dry type transformer, ensure that the introduction of production technology, pay attention to the selection of material production, pay attention to the correct operation flow, achieve maximum efficiency of transformer used in electric transportation systems.

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