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The types and characteristics of common transformers are introduced
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There are many kinds of transformers, one of the transmission equipment that must be used in life, but in terms of its working characteristics, it is a transformation device made from the principle of electromagnetic induction. The following are the common transformer classification and its main characteristics.

1. According to the use of transformer, transformer can be divided into: power transformer, test transformer, instrument transformer, special purpose transformer.

The transformer used for power system is divided into two types: boost and drop, which are the most common and ordinary transformers. Test transformer for high voltage, electrical equipment for high voltage test. The transformer is mainly a device for measuring instrument and relay protection. The special purpose transformer industry includes smelting furnace, electrolytic rectifier, welding and other special purpose transformer.

2. The number of transformer phases can be divided into: single phase and three-phase.

3. The winding forms can be divided into: auto, double winding and three-winding.

The auto-transformer is used to connect ultra-high voltage and large capacity power system. The two-winding connection is the power system of two voltages. Three winding types are used to connect three voltage levels, which are generally used in power system regional substations.

4. The core can be divided into: core and shell core. Heart type iron core is used for high voltage transformer, the shell type iron core is used in special transformer of big current.

5. The transformer can be divided into oil immersed, dry, inflatable and vaporized by cooling. Oil immersion can also be divided into oil-immersed self-cooled and oil-immersed air cooled. Dry type transformers are cooled by air convection. Inflatable cooling is cooled by special gases. The evaporative cooling is cooled by special liquid instead of transformer oil.

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