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The switchboard needs no immediate power
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Now in power system, to the requirement of safe is very good, especially the transformer room is on the entire studio electricity play a leading role, if any problems appeared in the transformer room, will at once to the situation of power, ensure the safety and reliability of the whole equipment, the use of the usage of box-type transformer, dry type transformer is to be understood.

The distribution room needs to be cut off immediately

First, box-type transformer accessories appear quality problem, caused by the flame, timely find the need for power transformer, avoid to cause product serious accidents that caused the whole power system collapse.

Second, found that the transformer bushing appear quality problem, if the serious damage to discharge under the condition of serious, need power immediately, and need special personnel to inspect, avoid to cause great potential safety hazard.

Third, note that the tank type transformer oil pillow can be sprayed or sprayed, which can affect the entire surrounding environment.

Fourth, internal operation in contrast is too big, need to shut down the inspection, or find an explosion, the need to prevent dangerous accident produced at the same time, the oil temperature is not normal, a rise in cases is also the need for electricity.

For transformer operation, the problems in the process of running is in failure, or abnormal condition, it is best to shutdown the transformer room related equipment, a detailed inspection after discharge fault and then to run, or lead to major safety accidents, so the loss of life and property losses, so you need someone to regularly check, encounter problems timely reporting and handling, can solve many problems, the damage to a minimum.

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