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The reasonable configuration of box type transformer in rural power grid construction
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Along with the advancement of the reconstruction of the state of power grid construction, box-type transformer product highlights their performance advantages in actual application, the electric power reform and applications, the box-type transformer is loved by everyone, the effect of the rational allocation of rural power grid construction, won more recognition of products, such as the flexibility in the process of application, cover an area of an area small, flexible configuration, solved many problems in practical application.

Transformer skeleton and the base of the channel steel and welding manner, roof and walls using metal plate have very good flame retardant and heat insulation effect, high acidity in some place at the same time, general case also must complete the processing of corrosion resistance, increase in outdoor applications good antiseptic effect, the box body bo outer lining board, adopted reasonable stainless steel plate. Moreover, the reasonable design of the box structure can guarantee the space change and the trouble encountered in the maintenance process, which will be designed according to the needs of the application unit.

Body design of dust proof and sealing at the same time, mainly the dustproof, outdoor box-type transformer is to reduce static electricity, etc, improve electricity problems, the ground of the general housing will set the cable chamber can let staff in guarantee under the premise of ventilated effect for security applications, improve cable chamber the disadvantages faced in the infrastructure construction, and solve the security operation of the equipment operation measures must be done, box-type transformer products can be done.

Box-type transformer box transformer protection measures, to switch to automatic protection device, the design and debugging, from application link technology does not reach the designated position caused by security problems and performance issues, it is also meet the need of reality in the design of the transformer to change one of focus, so current box-type transformer used in the rural power grid is an ideal choice.

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