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What is a transformer unit? How are they classified?
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Xuzhou has a lot of transformer factory, the transformer is now the country's electricity, power construction in the indispensable one kind of switching equipment, its measurement is usually expressed in KVA capacity unit, also called apparent power, read: KVA. The main functions of transformer are: voltage transformation, voltage stabilization, current transformation, isolation and so on.

The transformer can be divided according to different USES: power transformer, electric furnace transformer, rectifying transformer, debugging transformer, mining transformer, industrial frequency test transformer and so on;

The frequency can be divided into: audio transformer, low-frequency transformer, intermediate frequency transformer and high-frequency transformer;

It can be divided into: impact transformer, transformer, electronic transformer and instrument special transformer, etc.

The number of phase can be divided into: single phase transformer, duplex transformer and three-phase transformer;

The cooling mode can be divided into: dry type transformer and oil-immersed transformer;

The winding can be divided into: two winding transformer, three winding transformer and autotransformer;

According to the core different can be divided into: core type transformer and shell type transformer.

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