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Analysis of the development prospect of jiangsu box transformer
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Box-type transformer is one of the main electric transport equipment, in jiangsu province, the demand for electricity is bigger, so use transformer place is also very much, in areas such as north jiangsu xuzhou, large heavy machinery such as xugong, large-scale mining, in a number of mines, where power consumption is very big, in the same way, in xuzhou power plant is also more, around xuzhou basic by xuzhou city power supply.

So in this kind of background, let's take a look at the development prospect of the jiangsu box transformer. Because electricity consumption has been rising over the years, the use of electricity in many places has been increasing, so there are more and more places to use transformers. Because the market has the demand, so the production of the transformer is also increasing, so overall, the transformer market in jiangsu is good.

Nowadays, many old lines, meters, transformers and other equipment have to be replaced, so there is a shortage of transformers in northern jiangsu.

Because now most of the city line to go underground, so also is relatively high to the requirement of power distribution equipment, and box transformer is a kind of high performance, low energy consumption, high resistance, prevent short circuit of new electric power equipment, the volume has also been to the miniaturization design, installation is more easy to use and so on this kind of transformer is used in the construction of city is very good, less maintenance, at ordinary times, safe and reliable operation.

In the present continuous progress of the city, there will be more and more places to be able to use the box transformer, so the future development of the box transformer will be more promising.

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