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The characteristics of dry type transformer are introduced
Release time:2017-07-06      Clicks:363

Dry type transformer is a kind of common transformer, can be used in many occasions, can realize local lighting, tall buildings, airport, wharf and so on. It is necessary to make a detailed understanding of the dry type transformers. The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of dry transformers.

The main characteristics of dry type transformer are safety, fire prevention and pollution free, which can be used in various load centers. This transformer combined with the national all kinds of advanced technology, high mechanical strength, anti-short circuit ability, and partial discharge is small, good thermal stability, so it is reliable, this is because the use of these characteristics make it longer.

No matter which type of transformer is first to choose low loss, low noise, energy saving, dry type transformer meets all of the above requirements, and can subtract the problem of manual frequent maintenance. Dry type transformer is also very good in heat dissipation, with strong load capacity, and can operate normally in cold weather conditions. It is very durable and durable. The moisture-proof performance of dry transformers is also outstanding, which is suitable for use in inclement weather conditions.

Every dry type transformer has a perfect temperature detection system, using intelligent signal control, can automatically detect the temperature of the transformer work. If the temperature is too high, the work will stop automatically, and the function of alarm and tripping will be issued. This type of transformer is small in size, small in size and light in weight, so it can save installation cost.

Energy saving is now all over the world to advocate the practice, the various advantages of dry type transformer can save more energy, and its performance is more outstanding, can be used in many places, is a very ideal transformer, customer, please rest assured purchase.

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